Marine Applications, Hull and Power Inspections

The same Infrared principles that apply to commercial and home inspections also apply to marine inspections.  Moisture in a hull will heat in the same manner as a roof and will reveal any potential and/or existing delaminination in the hull.

Here are a few digital images of a 42' fiberglass sloop located in Sarasota.


The hull appears to be sound with no obvious defects.  An Infrared survey sees the sloop in a different way.


Notice the darker triangular area on the bow. Infrared inspection has revealed a previous repair to the forward area of the hull below the waterline.  This would require further investigation into the soundness and integrity of the hull.  It would not have been detected with a conventional "tap and sound " survey.  The dark blue lines in the images are the heat signature of the lifting straps of the travel lift prior to the boat being blocked and is not an area of concern.

Electrical overloads and defects on a 120VAC, 12VDC system and even ship to shore power lines will give a similar Infrared signature as land based structures.

 The image on the left is an overheated dock power line.  On the right overheated circuit breakers on dock power stanchion.

Whenever your boat is hauled or when you are buying a new boat, an Infrared inspection should be part of your maintenance plan and a primary component to your pre-purchase survey.

What you cannot see will cost you!