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Infrared Thermography is the cutting edge technology used in building inspections for both commercial and home inspections.  It is a non invasive, non destructive method of examining and detecting defects in the systems of a building in a manner that cannot be done by the naked eye.  Using infrared imaging can help save hundreds, even thousands of dollars per year by detecting moisture, insulation and electrical issues before they pose a bigger risk to your property and your fiscal or personal well being.  If your Sarasota home inspection does not include Infrared (IR), you are not seeing the whole picture.  These images are from a recent Sarasota home inspection.

This is how you see the world.              This is how it                                                        is seen in Infrared.

The brighter, warmer area under the windows contains moisture from leaking window attachments.  This type of problem would have never been detected by an old style home inspection.

Unlike what you may have been told, Infrared is not X-Ray vision and it cannot see behind walls.  Infrared (IR) sees temperature anomolies or temperature variances in different materials.  With proper training and a good IR imaging system, a qualified operator can interpret the images and determine if there is a problem. 

Excessive resistance in the wires of your toaster generates sufficient heat to toast bread.  The same resistance in your building or home electrical system is extremely dangerous and may be fatal.  Infrared can see that heat. 

Moisture behaves in a similar manner in that it retains heat.  A leaking flat roof will contain and hold moisture.  During the day the sun heats that moisture in the roofing membrane.  This is called solar loading.


In the early evening, after sunset, the roofing system begins to cool down.   The dry areas will cool quickly but the capacitance of water holds the heat longer, thus there are two different heat signatures which is what the IR imager can detect.  In Sarasota we have plenty of sun and rain.


A few samples of what an Infrared inspection can locate for you:

*   Energy loss and efficiency
*   Water and moisture intrusion that could lead to mold
*   Unknown plumbing leaks
*   Hidden roof leaks before causing serious damage
*   Electrical faults before starting a fire
*   Overloaded and undersized circuits
*   Circuit breakers in need of immediate replacement
*   Missing, damaged and/or wet insulation
*   Heat loss and air infiltration throughout your home
*   Air conditioner compressor leaks
*   Under fastening and/or missing framing members
*   Structural defects
*   Broken seals in double pane windows
*   Dangerous fluid leaks
*   Overheated equipment


Every thing in the world has an Infrared signature, from the space shuttle landing . . .


To a gecko on your window.


To  learn more about what a Sarasota Infrared home inspection can do for you, please visit the galleries and other links in the menu.

What you cannot see will cost you!