Commercial Leases

Most commercial leases are known as “triple net”. This means that the lessee is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the leased property.  A typical visual inspection may not reveal all the potential problems of the building.
As a property owner, you want to insure that the tenant is maintaining the property; and as a tenant, you do not want to be caught in correcting deferred maintenance issues or being involved with a defective building which could have a serious negative impact on your health and business.
Here are two interior images of the roof on a commercial building.

An Infrared inspection was done in the early morning. The moisture laden area has a higher density than the surrounding materials and takes longer to absorb the heat. The darker area in the right image revealed that the roof was saturated and in need of immediate repairs.
Here you see what appears to       The darker areas show the
be a  normal office ceiling.              location of moisture   ofofof



 As we all know, where there is moisture there is mold.
Without Infrared, this problem would not have been detected.
 How Infrared can detect electical problems
This electric service panel appears     An infrared inspection
to be functioning normally.                    reveals   two overloading
                                                                circuit breakers

Infrared thermography is a powerful tool for proactive asset protection and predictive maintainance.  A copy of a comprehensive Infrared report will also enhance the marketability of the property.  It will tell your potential client that you maintain your property to the highest standards, and as a potential client you can avoid the money pits. 

  What you cannot see will cost you!